Office Milk Delivery

Office Milk Delivery

A traditional milk delivery to your Office or Business saves time and money. Milk deliveries can be made in glass bottles or fully recyclable poly bottles and for larger offices milk-in-a-box re-fills can be delivered for use in milk dispensers – a great way to improve your business green credentials. 

Milk is delivered nationally, sourced from a local dairy to you. So, you know that the milk will always be fresh and food miles kept to an absolute minimum. 

Office milk deliveries can be made on a daily or weekly basis and can be ordered with our without office fruit. 

All with one monthly invoice

office milk delivery service

Milk partnership

Office milk deliveries are made in partnership with drinkmilk. Drinkmilk are the UK’s leading milk delivery network who work with local family owned dairies across the UK to deliver milk straight to your business supporting local business and the local economy. 

Milk delivered the traditional way

Glass bottle milk deliveries have seen a dramatic increase in the last few years following the success of campaigns to reduce the use of single use plastic, and not only milk but orange juice can be delivered in glass bottles too. Drinkmilk deliver Whole, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed milk in glass bottles and in certain areas also deliver raw and unhomogenised milk. Plus, keep everybody in the office healthy with non-dairy alternatives such as Soya, Oat or Almond milks. 

Glass bottle deliveries and eco alternatives

Both glass milk deliveries and milk delivered in poly bottles have advantages and disadvantages for the environment. Glass is heavy to transport and therefore has a larger delivery carbon footprint whereas poly milk bottles, whilst the can be fully recycled can be dangerous to aquatic life if they make it to the ocean. So, if your office or business uses lots of milk why not opt for the green solution and rent or buy a milk dispenser, otherwise known as a milk pergal or milk in a box. Milk dispensers are hygienic, easy to re-fill and take up little space in your office kitchen. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Eco-friendly Milk Delivery Solution

If you are a large user of milk a Bag-in-box milk dispenser is the ideal solution to cut down your carbon footprint whilst reducing packaging and food miles

Traditional Glass Milk Bottles

A pint of office milk in a glass bottle

We delivery traditional glass milk bottles straight to your office or business on a daily or weekly basis. Either Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed milk is available

Fruit and Milk Delivery

fruitboxes delivery van

Add a healthy fruit basket to your order and make your office a happy and healthy one. All on on consolidated order.

Manchester and London FruitBoxes

Free Delivery Nationwide

As part of Drinkmilk – The UK’s Milk Delivery Network we cover around 85% of the UK’s population. Delivery areas include, but are not limited to London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Bradford, Plymouth, Blackpool, Northwich, Chester, The Wirral and Exeter.

Office Milk Food Rating Sign

Non-dairy Alternatives & Office Pantry Supplies

We can supply non-dairy milk alternatives with your daily milk order such as Soya, Oat and Almond milk along with all your groceries delivered to your office including Office Fruit,Tea, Coffee, Bread, Butter and Healthy Snacks. Please get in
touch for further information. All items can be consolidated onto one
monthly invoice.

Competitive Pricing and Discounts for Larger Orders

Our bulk buying and the efficiencies this brings allows us to offer very
competitive pricing, especially for the larger orders whilst ensuring we
pay a fair price to everybody in the supply chain.