Fruit Boxes

Environmental and CSR Policy

We try and do the right thing in all aspects of our business from the way we treat our employees to the prices that we pay our growers and suppliers. As a family business we believe that this gives us the flexibility to make the right decisions without the compromises larger multi – stakeholder companies may have to make. 

Excess Fruit

All our our fruit is hand picked into your fruit baskets. Any produce that is still edible, but not good enough for our baskets is donated to a local fruit charity for the homeless, as is any excess fruit that we may order and not use. We also have some customers whom donate boxes to good causes which we support by discounting the product. If you would like to do this please get in touch. 

A Seasonal Office Fruit Box with Purple Circle Background

Fruit and Milk Packaging

Our office fruit is delivered in either cardboard boxes or re-usable wooden fruit baskets. The cardboard boxes are fully recyclable, made from carbon neutral board and printed with eco-friendly inks. The amount of card used in the construction of the box is minimised as much as it can be whilst providing excellent protection fro our fruit. Our office milk is delivery is made in re-usable glass bottles or fully recyclable poly bottles.

All inbound fruit packaging is either re-cycled or re-used. Our wooden crates for example go back to local farmers whom then re-use them for packing local produce in before re-selling to the market. 


Our fruit delivery logistics are carbon neutral.This is achieved by measuring the carbon output and off setting the rest. 

Our Produce

We work with a very small number of growers and suppliers,  where possible we purchase from  growers whom support relevant, valued programmes such as the rain forest alliance for which we pay a premium. Via our partnership with we are able to supply milk from local dairies whom are paid a sustainable price for the office milk. This also helps support the local economy. 

fruitboxes delivery van

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